mobile 1 (chinese box)

There are numerous referential projects that had supported design of this mobile house: Angelo Invenizzi: Villa Girasole, Mies van der Rohe: 50 by 50, Peter Blake: Pinwheel House, Andrija Mutnjaković: Homobil, Buckminster Fuller: DDU, Archigram:Plug-in, Kishio Kurokawa: Capsule House, my "Capsule project" from 1972., Paul Rudolph: Walker Guest House, but an immediate inspiration was a tiny "Box" /Chinese Treasure Box ,Ch'ing Dynasty, 1736-1795).
Four pinwheel rotating boxes 330/330/330, inside 300/300/300 cm create manyfold arrangements – supposely, each box has 10 possible positions (from 0 – 90 degrees), it makes 10.000 possible mobile arranegements.
Compact, "zero-position", has all four boxes together, and all full open composition makes an open atrium, very convinient and pleasant for use in summer period. So, a kind of arrangement is depending very on weather condition.