Five icons, of five pieces elements, is broken line as symbol of in me, by me, from me, with me, about me, is actually base holder for table,TV, piece of sculpture or simple of symbol of something for nothing.

Broken line is a line of life, line of talking and presentation, line of moving through life, line of others views. With this line comes many changes - change of principles, change of style, change of opinions, change of place. Discontinuity and turbulence in life and in architecture.

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# Paul Rudolph, Marcel Breuer, Louis Kahn, Peter Blake, Olgivania Wright, Bruce Pfeiffer, Wessley Peters - USA,1972/73
# With Paul Rudolph in Dubrovnik VI,1974
# Suomi/ Finland 1975/76: Alvar Aalto (met him), Raili & Reima Pietila (was visiting them in office), the Vesikansas family (dear friends for long after)
# 14th Zagreb Salon Award for project "Danica"
# ILAUD-1980, Urbino: work with Giancarlo De Carlo and Peter Smithson
# AIA Journal: First Annual Review - "Danica" presented
# CEEPUS - Af Zagreb coordinator 1996-2001
# 2003 Annual State Architectural Award "Vladimir Nazor"
# With Peter Eisenman and with Kenneth Frampton at Architecture Conference "In the Absence of Raimund Abraham", Wien, 13.VI,2010
# Long lasting correspondence with Mrs.Lidia Invernizzi
# Zagreb Architectural Guide
# Exhibition 90/09 (1990-2009)
# Full professor in tenure, 17.I,2006, Dean 2007-2011
# Af90 - anniversary of faculty 90 years
# Af students' "No culture without architecture" manifestation
# Af employees in the Faculty Hall (Sept 2011)