Croquis for own pleasure, generating sketch for initiating project, for idea clarification and inquire of form, function and construction, projects for presentation, projects for legal procedure and drawings for construction purpose, different scales, from full scale, 1:1 to 1:1000 and up - that is a life of an architect, so has been mine. Many tries to get job, through clients, through competitions, with recommendations of those who liked my work. A lot of ambitions and drawings, some has been realized. In sense of cost-benefit work, there were so many hours of wasted time, but in the sense of architectural pleasure, I enjoy working on my projects, doesn't matter what kind they were.
I always wanted to be contemporary and modern. All these projects are copies of copies (of copies and so on…) - originals have been hidden, forgotten, lost or maybe - originals never existed. Of course, there were a lot of inspiration around us, in many projects there are very strong influences and there are direct relations with form givers (but also form givers had been influenced from previous ones) - architecture has been in permanent development. Anyway Le Corbusier, FLWright, Mies, Breuer, Louis Kahn, Paul Rudolph, NY-5, Soleri, Archigram, the Finns, have many times been in my mind, the least with particular projects. Croatian architects before and around me, were relevant in my architectural thinking.
My first professional experience came in offices where I worked as a draftsman, in several projects the work in cooperation was also a kind of experience, but majority of projects I worked on my own. With exception of competition projects where I had support in putting drawings in ink, I solely worked on my projects from first sketches to final details. Some projects were one man show.
With computer drawings age, all of my projects were drawn by my young associates whom I owe great gratitude for very important support. Vjekoslav Žele, Nikola Šimunić, Ana Miše and Marko Jambrović have been excellent and talented collaborators.