The most common and most probable destiny for a big majority of architects is dealing with housing. So, it was my main architectural design activity - in particular, low rise and family houses. Novelty and experiment that I sometimes proposed was not supported to be developed more and my proposals were not accepted and developed in the scope I expected. Reality meant to deal with clients demands, with financial limits and compromise with sterile and rigid, but often unclear and confusing urban rules.
Living and dwelling are almost synonyms. Majority of day, week, year or life time has been spent in residential space, no matter if it is small or large, social flat or castle, badly or nicely furnished. Even those who are working far away of home are mostly in their residential space - not to mention very young and old.
Quality of dwelling is quality of life.
Activities in bedrooms, livingrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, in working nooks, in light and dark say about a style of living, of dwelling and general culture.
All dwelling units, no mater of size, should be enough functional for many basic activities. Nutrition, health care, sexual life, reproduction of human beings, education, entertainment, social life, maybe some work are in residential space. Sometimes it is a hospital. That is only space that belongs to family, parents and kids, to couple or single. Residence gives a feeling of proudness, power or contrary of inferiority.