ZG-urban villa are type of small residential building with 3-4 (5,6) apartments on common parcel. This type is in line with types erected in the first part of former century on the northern city parts - under name "rented villa"). Type is supposed for the Zagreb north, areas of individual houses, to increase density and not to ruin the green belt. Some consider urban villa inappropriate name, and some found this type of inappropriate dwelling - being in between social and luxurious. It is unclear how to treat the empty space around house, garden that belongs to all apartments?
My experience with urban villas is:
On the open competition for the housing complex of nine urban villas, these three had won 1st prize and eventually in 1991. were realized under names Lena, Mija, Silvija.
Each edifice has twelve units: in basement /2/, in ground floor /4/, in first floor /4/ and attic /2/, of different size from 40 to 120 square meters. All three have the same constructive, communication and installation system, but many flat variation and facade differentiation. Lena and Mija have an entrance patio and roof terraces for the common use. Silvija on the same position had community room later converted into small shop.
First idea was monochromatic objects with a lot of greenery over the terraces and patios, but when investor had given up of that, because of expenses, very extensive use of colours become an issue of this project.
-Vrapče, where working drawings were made by another architect, and
-Kušlanova, where only idea sketches were made