Besides base of permanent living, additional complementary second dwelling unit has been topic for many. An escape from everyday reality to dreams of romantic space and romantic time. Vacation, leisure, week-ends, summer or winter holidays, is to be spent in an environment with strong presence of nature. Feeling for natural phenomenon, for sun, for wind, stars and moonlight, for water, grass, flowers, garden and trees are more presented. That is more hedonistic time for meals, food, drink, sex. Relaxation might come with easy garden work. Inside fireplace and outside grill are welcomed contents. Some enjoy with some construction work, and with their ideas in design. Romantized image of vacation time is often connected with some romantic styles, an image of Mediterranean or alpine story. Some stone or wood will add some romance. Looking for the genuine beauty, construction regulation is very often extremely conservative.
Under those circumstances, feelings of clients and regulation demands, I have designed some small houses, initially for vacation, but some latter have become houses for permanent living (they are located on the acceptable distance to city).
My last clients are very pro-modern, regulations gives space for maneuver, and I expect nice small house.