Family houses have always been designed with an intention to fulfill clients' demands and satisfy my architectural ambition.
"My home my castle" is great majority of people dream, very often a past time dream. Contrary to the other field of architecture, area of family house architecture is a conservative area of architecture. Many times I tried to convert some traditionally oriented clients to more contemporary thinking, to contemporary shape, modern form. I never wanted to be an professional working for the purpose of fee, but wanted also to enjoy in process of design and building up house. I always wanted to be proud what I had done. If good results have been achieved, that was our common success, clients' and mine.
Dealing with clients, I never knew what was supposed budget for their family house, many times even they did not know that or there have been a disproportion between wishes and possibilities.
In functional sense house is alike small town (Alberti). It should be protected, visually and physically, to have privacy. Inside there is a square/living room for all and ego space, own room for each member of family. Position of entrance, living room and vertical communication are basic decisions which generate the project. For good comfort it is very important to catch a nice views, and to set proper orientation for good insulation.
On those projects, my personal feelings and change can be noticed. Some are with motto exuberance is beauty with stress on formal elements richness, some are modest, going to minimalism.
I always wanted for my house to become home of the family.