At first, clients wanted the swimming pool at the top of house (first sketches were in that sense), but later gave up. Because of excellent view, my suggestion was for living room to be at the highest etage. But, because of new position of pool in garden, and connection of inside and outside, living/dining was grounded. Just alike in many functional determined houses, defensive north and open south. House was modulated in 480cm fields. In design of this house I was in some small part guided by the client's affiliation with feng-shu learning. This is also, my first house with elevator, additional vertical communication.
The most challenging detail in construction was set up of quite large piece of glass of living room, on the eastern façade. One piece of composed isolated glass (lamistal 8+8// void// lamistal 6+6) is of size 590x228cm = 13,452m2 and 941,64kg of weight.