My first architectural article was about Paul Rudolph for the magazine "Čovjek&Prostor" (Man&Space) from Zagreb. It was from the time I worked in his office, felt an atmosphere in office and respected his architecture (then and now, as well). After four handtyped pages and dozen of photos had been sent to editors, it was nice and special feeling to get back arranged and printed article back. I communicate with the Rudolph's image to known colleagues and unknown public. I believed that Rudolph also liked for his work to be published, because that kind of vanity is typical for many architects. Latter on, I made three more articles about Paul Rudolph - two were interviews.
Some texts have come from free will and wish, need to say or observe something. Some texts were obligations. Writing might be rational, modest and cold, or on the contrary warm, emotional and temperamental. Working with University, means a duty to do some research, to write some conference paper, to make specialization, to achieve magistar and doctor degree.
How much writing helps to be a better architect? What is purpose (sense) for an architect to write instead to draw?
I preferred drawing than writing, but also found them being very complemented.
Is it drawing and writing a complementary process? How to write in a way to enrich an image of project, to make a joy and respect? For whom is writing about architecture, how deep can a non-architect go in architecture, how much an ordinary architect is verbally skilled to write?
To write about own work or about work of others?
Words, numbers, sentences, analysis, synthesis, are verbal discovery of some new value? What is behind, what was before and what is going to be after? Admiration and critique, memory and anticipation. Explanation and adding what is hardly seen, what can be missed by eye, to find out something specific, unique, or common and universal. Words and writing might help for complex to become simple, and vice versa, simple being complex.
Let us hope that architectural verbal thinking helps an architecture!

Icons here are some of my dearest writing devices:
-"Waterman" pen with blue or black ink
-"Olivetti" typing machine 1974-1999
-IBM ThinkPad, Toshiba