villa Galić
1997, 1999.

Own house built by architect professor Galić in 1932. and spread in 1938., after his death in 1995. was sold in very bad condition. Wooden beam construction was rotten, there were no proper heating and bathroom, with very bad electric, running water and sewage installation, roof was leaking, floors and walls quite neglected.
House for couple was to become home for family of four or five. An inside organization had to be changed and outside form saved. On the north side of house, glass addition with veranda and small pool is hardly seen from the street, as well as entrance hanging protection. Ground floor is cleared of southern corridor (to enlarge and get light in living area), another connection is made between double living areas, so that service/stair core becomes an island in the plan. Addition of spiral stairs connects living with upper terrace with beautiful views and enables more circulation inside house.