Concentration of dwelling units might be in range from very social housing, existenzminimum cells to some very comfort two floors apartments with spacefull terraces, hanging gardens (les immeubles). Handicaps of small flats and minimum of private space was intended to compensate with some social areas and content. Small collective benefits as substitute for private scarcity.
What have I learnt about multidwellings?
-There is a wrong conception in multidwelling production - very small apartments should be skipped. In harmony model, variety of different apartment types (1,2,3 etc rooms) should correspond to the type of families. In reality occupancy is not regulated by harmony model, but with other factors (location, neighborhood, finance, adaptation). Instead of many types what is proposed by our programs we should produce flexible types of the least 60 sq m, better 80 sq m for all types of families. Small flats are obstacles.
-In multidwelling, because of shortage of facade line, inside of flat area is space for service rooms - central hall for communication and dining is a good solution.
-It is possible to get a comfort of family house in multidwelling, referring to the iconic project of Le Corbusier "les immeuble villas"
Three last projects are research of multidwelling in big urban scale.