slanted slab

Initial idea was to make 1000 inhabitants building, with about 200-300 dwelling units, with 400-500 parking places in garages, and with different backing functions in ground floor and on roof terrace.
Slanted side is designed to scale down possible height-fear.
This residential mega slab is rooted in slabs of Hibelseimer, Gropius, Breuer, in twenties, and in LeC's Marseilles programe from fifties. I knew for some slanted pieces of volumes with Sant Elia. But, after this project was drafted, absolute surprise was to find A-section from 1928. reclaimed posthumously as Walter Gropiusí work. Also, inclination at Kikutake's Statiform Structure, 1972., 200m Ropemarker Place and Herzog & de Meuronís Paris pyramid from 2008. were discovered postfestum.