According to Le Corbusier's model two residential blocks inside of the "Croatia" complex were designed with "hanging garden villas". Duplex apartments of 150 square meters area with double heights balcony, give almost quality of family houses besides all other high rise advantages.
The most attractive non-realized project of Le Corbusier residential projects, might be l'immeuble villas. It is hard to understand that this concept has nowhere been realized all over the world. Maybe some slight tries, but not proper "copy". The Croatia project - residential part was conceived in an idea of multi dwelling villas in air (hanging garden villas). Fortytwo two floors L-shaped units with 6x6x6 meters green balcony, are located on the southern and partly western and eastern edges of block, toward the attractive planed park. High living comfort apartments up to 200 - some 250 m2 (double heights in living room, if wanted) is complemented with underground garage parking lots and all advantages of inside block ground floor public and commercial amenities. Of course living in villa almost in the city center is a special benefit. (Jury, unfortunately didn't see project this way!)