Combination of horizontal and vertical winding volume, spatial meander, gives quite good possibility for residential building supplemented with additional function. Small marina is also very attractive part of entire composition. Building is located on the Sava river bank. It might be either complete building, or only fragment of possible bigger meander.
First idea (sketch) was U-shape residential blocks with three side bordered with water (marinas) and with inside parklike courtyard.
Meander is not a rare shape in decoration, and might be found in architecture, too. I used it in competition project for the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art, 1999. Inspiration then had come from painter Julije Knifer's work. Meander or meander fragment, as a residential mega shape might be found in projects – Kezić, Šverko: City project P21, 2007., Arous en Gellanff Architecten: Pointsteigrer, Amsterdam, 2008., N.M.Cazzato: Dongiovani, Gyor, 2008.