Sky City
2011, 2012.

During one year in NY, I lived in the 28th floors high tower Bel-Air, one of three Birchwood Towers in Forest Hills. In Las Vegas visit in 2011, my wife and me had room on the 60th floor Trump Tower-fantastic experience. Nowadays, we live in the Zagreb pocket skyscraper, and I have some good feeling for residential skyscrapers.
30 story skyscraper is one that can be multiplied. Ten of them, in group, are located on the location near already for 25 story residential towers, close to the Sava bank. Designed skyscrapers are the same in concept and different in realization. All are high one hundred meters, ground floor is representative entrance hall with shops, small restaurant and caffe, garage etage is for 28 parking lots. Each residential etage is modulated so might be with two huge flats (even one) and numerous small apartments. If needed, apartments may be connected in vertical way to achieve two (three) floor dwelling unit.
Modules are A & B and are able to be split or added
- independent: A=60 m2, A/2=30 m2, 3/8A= 22m2, 5/8A= 38m2
* dependent, in correlation with A: A'=60m2, A''=30m2
- independent: B=100m2, B/2=50m2, 3/10B=30m2, 7/10B=70m2
The tower can accommodate up to 1000 inhabitants.
On the top, skyscrapers are gradualy cut - I recalled 1916. NY code about skyscrapers, Huge Ferriss drawings, and one magazine Abitare cover.
Residential skyscrapers are set up in the way to supply views to river and to mountain Sljeme. In that quite empty area there are some built buildings, but they are saved and included in proposed 10.000 inhabitants neighbourhood.