Free hand sketches are first step in developing future project. They are bridges between inside wishes, sensibility, general atmosphere to be promoted, and materialistic reality that's going to be created. First sketches are intentions, they are first taste of possible architecture, and first inquiry of what can be done, in which way the project might be developed. Those first steps of graphical thinking was quite often my first communication with clients - for good or for bad. Maybe I wanted to seduced with them, sometimes I succeeded, but unfortunately sometimes I broke my clients expectations, and lost job before we started. Many of those sketches had been made before any contract, and eventually they had be done only for own pleasure.
The sketch on this page was not made for particular project. It was just thinking. It was made after talk with Paul Rudolph in Dubrovnik. He explained how he designed the Rogers Residence following the FLW development of form, volumes in three directions). My sketch was made in a very instant moment thinking less about function and construction, but feeling a lot about form and volume expression. It might to be a residential composition but something else too. There were not thinking about costs and affordability. The sketch reveals my sensibility at the moment and spirits of FLW, Le Corbusier, and Paul Rudolph were with at that moment. (It might to be the inspiration for some project that was going to come. Never has come!)