joy house

What makes that some house becomes a pleasant home for happy people?
What brings joy in house?
Where is a secret of good domestic atmosphere?
Nice house shape, sculpture, message of form, garden, trees, shades, pool, garage, with oldtimer, with trendy car? Plenty of space, openness, a lot of lights, big openings, fine windows with or without curtains? Closeness, cozy spaces, secret nooks, many levels, doors, stairs, lofts, mysterious cellars? Memory, touch of history, walls with paintings, photography, fire in the hearth? Imagination of future, well equipped, warm and cool - airconditioned, hi-fi? Nice shapes, colours, textures, cleanness? Style of house hardware or (and) style of living, home software?
I was drawing these girls thinking, what would be proper house for their prettiness and joy?