In square 12/12 smaller square is inserted with rotation (set on diagonal of 3:12 right angle triangle), in this square smaller again is inserted in the same way, and so on - an idea quite exploited in op-art graphics. On that grid, with idea of rotated symmetry, family residence is solved. Site border (first square?), then green square (garden) of trees and plants, then blue square of water (pool) where glass house is posted alike pavilion on the lake. Four entrance to the house are on the corners, living/ sitting space is in the heart, bathrooms and kitchen line are next zone, wardrobe in the next, and bedrooms and dining are peripheral besides glass curtain. During day all space is transparent, in open plan, and during night some seclusion can be created with sliding panels. Blinders and shade strips regulate the light and privacy. Searching for this house project name, the first had been glass house (opposition to fort-house). My wife looking at the project had several associations connected with films names - Vertigo-House of flying daggers - Never ending story - (with squares)!