/in process of elaboration and drawing/
My idea about circular house was based on the flying saucer.
First try had a handicap: central zone was wasted with large staircase and communication space. Besides, thinking about how it might be realized, some static questions bother me, and then I found out, that many years ago (1965.) Richard Foster made something similar in shape, but furthermore - it is revolving. Some additional projects have developed my imagination.
I got another circular ideas, but not giving up of flying saucer. Instead of central post, it will be laid down on three legs, instead of revolving all volume - only some inside rounded contents will revolve. At that moment an image of watch inside mechanism has appeared. FLW: Jester-Pfeifer House and P.Portoghesi: Casa Papanice, are giving feeling of achieved interior space - but should be imagined with mobile rooms volumes as rotating sensation.