There levels of space are:
- open ground space protected from above, belonging to terrain, earth,
- house space, piano nobile, without corridors in hexagonal matrix
- sky space with solarium, swimming pool and three reflecting pools (or three grass fields)
Two referential projects might be:
- Buckminster Fuller: Dymaxion, 1927. / House is elevated, it has hexagonal shape and similar size!
- Kyonori Kikutakeís SkyHouse, 1958. / "Raised on stilts 20 feet high, Sky House hovers above Japanís surface, metaphorically free of its dangers and rules. Sky House grew with Kikutakeís family: in 1962, the first of three capsules was plugged into the exposed underbelly of the house to accommodate new children." - R.Koolhaas, MetabolismTalks