This fortified atrium house is based on matrix of two squares, outer 12/12 m and rotated inner 6/6 m, and on rotational symmetry. Two floors (lower half in earth) are connected with four corner staircases, everyone with house entrance in landing in between. Lower floor is completely for living/sitting/dining, in open plan concept (total raum), upper has four identical bedroom/room units with possibility of rotational circulation (alike an "rotated anfilada"). Special sensation is water in centre of house - as a matter of fact, atrium is swimming pool (heated water, all year around in use). Light and ventilation of house comes through atrium. Besides four doors, there are not other openings toward outside - house has become a fort. It is suitable for some small parcel in an overbuilt area. Two Campo Baeza’s (enigmatic) projects, Casa Gaspar, 1992., Casa Guerro, 2005. gives this project chance to be put in an open space.
For whom is this house? For "normal" conventional family, parents with kids, or for some other non-conventional forms of living, for non standard families? For hipsters? In my opinion, this fortress is available for any kind of use! Alison & Peter Smithsons’ House of the future, 1956., for the daily mail ideal home inspires for possible special cloth in this house.
(I was surprised that some of my colleagues, prof.Mikić, prof.®arnić, felt something in this project of the Valerio Olgiati architecture - I should inquire possible connection!)