Zagorje house

Zagorje is an area north of Zagreb, and quite many vernacular house in that region is in elongated shape. It was an inspiration for "the Contemporary Zagorje House", what was subject of competition for typical house of our time and of traditional input. Expected results were to be catalogue type projects for contemporary house in that area.
House is designed so to be located on narrow site of 10m or even less, favorable east-west. Ground floor is for common family life, bedrooms are on the first floor, and storage, installations and recreation are in the basement. Interior spatial richness is in two staircase vertical circulation and possibility of double heights in some living/dining areas, if bedroom area is not completely filled.
North facade in stone or brick is closed and defensive, south elevation is recessed, and ends of house, east and west are with porches - rain and sun protected inside/outside parts.
House area is cca140m2, basement is 75m2, and porches area is 65m2.
My project failed to be honoured with prize, as well as entire competition failed to achieve results.