family squares

This project is made upon references, as many projects has been done. Conscious and unconscious taking, coping, stealing or borrowing, produce imitation or inspiration? The "FAMILY SQUARE" is result of an analysis of family house central hall concept presented in numerous examples. Some of them has been observed more in detail.
- Haus am Horn (Georg Muche, Adolf Meyer/ Weimar, 1923.), was basic model and initiation. Its outer dimension 12 by 12 and inside hall 6 by 6 was measure for my project. Living room is located in central hall, inside of house volume, separated from elevations, illuminated with lantern windows, and that was an acceptable idea.
- Villa Rotonda (Andrea Palladio/ Vicenza, 1567.) is residential edifice with four the same and equal elevations, and there is not formal differences concerning some functional differentiation or orientation. Very similar idea is presented in C.N.Durand theoretical project. Both projects have four staircase approach to central part, and both have double symmetry!
- White on White (Kazimir Maljevic/ 1918.), with two squares, outer in clear horizontal/ vertical position and inner one in move, rotation. In "nothingness" of white color, in "poverty" of shape, in two square outline, I found an interesting inspiration. Maljevic’s squares made the composition to swing, double symmetry generated from Palladio become rotational symmetry.
After project had been finished, from somewhere an image of sharpshooter badge did appeared as a simplified ideogram. If had appear before, might Maljevic would have been ignored - better it had not!

Having Alberti in mind and his parallels between house and town, this house square is town square with four lateral streets for cooking, for entrance, for utility, for studio work - each street/ corridor is with one unit bedroom/ bathroom. Light to the square comes from above and from corner openings. All corners are entrance/ exit, physical connection inside/ outside. With four stairs, 60 cm, house is lifted above ground. (It has not landed, neither is ready for launch, but it is nice visually to be detached).
This house is made both, for voyeur from living room and for hedonist in views from bedrooms, depending on position of house - either in visual scarcity or in view attraction surroundings.