mission impossible

/in process of elaboration and drawing/
Working name "impossible" came from feeling that this project would be impossible to apply on imagined site, because that site is consider for the time being (but I guess also in long future) as sacred and untouchable location.
Work on this project has been supporting with very inspiring:
- Antonio Sant Elia /1888-1916/: La Citta Nuova, (1914)
- Kazimir Maljevic /1878-1935/, Arhitekton gota-vertical, ArchNet, (1922)
- Hugh Ferriss /1889-1962/: Envelope Studies, drawings, (1922)
- Ivan Leonidov /1902-1959/: Dom Narkomtjazprom - Ministry of Heavy Industry, Moscow, (1934)
- Raimund Abraham /1933-2010/: Times Square Tower (1984)