3 bridges

Space around nice railway bridge, shabby pedestrian bridge (ex. vehicles bridge) and "nobridgelike" street pass over the river is not articulated space - quite opposite: in a way disorganized without some spatial idea. But anyway, that space with three bridges is challenging environment for some brave and powerful project.
What might be behind or near "3 bridges" project?
- Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935) Dynamic Suprematism, 1916.
- El Lissitzky (+Mart Stam): Wolkenbugel (horizontal skyscraper, cloud irons), Moscow, 1925.
- Kikutake is best known for his "Marine City" project of 1958.
- Yona Friedman: Spatial City, 1959.
- Arata Isozaki: Cluster in the air, 1962.
- Bertrand Goldberg: Marina City, Chicago, 1964.
- BNRK Arquitectura: Habitable Bridge, Acapulco Bay, 2010.
- "Imperial Star Destroyer", (capital ship in Star Wars, length 1.600m, width 1.015m), 1977.
/Imperial Super Star Destroyer is of "19 km length"