bridge & tunnel

Very complex construction over & under river Sava is for speed traffic (pedestrians, vehicles and metro) with big two side garage, for congress hotel, shopping center, multiplex cinemas, wellness and recreation.
The most famous old bridges, Ponte Vechio and Ponte Rialto, projects on river Avon (1793.), Yona Friedman, Superstudio and Archizoom, Cumbernauld and Autogrill over autostrada (it has been my long lasting love for this kind of overpass) - all of those impressions have been inspiration, and made an idea of bridge building to be very attractive. Also, structure is inspired with huge ocean liners. (One scene from SpaceHarrier game fits here, too). In this project a bridge idea is enlarged with underground metro pass with subway station. As a matter of fact, river is flowing through mega building construction. An idea of bridge over the Sava river (on another location, two kilometres eastern from from this project location) was given by student Ivan Laškarin with mentor: Ivan Crnković, asistants: Miroslav Geng Tin Franić, 2005/2006 - Faculty of Architecture, Zagreb University.