NV - dream #4

/project is in the process of elaboration and drawing/
Working on this project, I have met exciting dreams of Antonio Sant'Elia in "La Citta Nuova" (1914.), Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago (1924.), Leonid Vesnin, Vladimir Shchuko, & Ludwig Hilberseimer in Moscow (1928.) and Harry B. Brainerd in New York (1931.)
Before this project was conceived, some memories had been recalled on Le Corbusier's "Ilot insalubre" plans for Paris and Zdenko Strižić's (notable Croatian architect) proposal in the very centre of Zagreb, both from 1930s.
Besides #4 dreams, here is project of reality, of Albert Kahn's,
General Motors, Cadilac Place, Detroit, 1923.
Is #4 (chimneys) misfortunated?