Sava framed

Sava framed is to be 2 (or 4) km long "Canal Grande for one million city". Hundred meters wide river, with both side 100m green grassy area and then trench rampart is section of existing location. Area in between bulwark and river is for parks and public buildings, and residential buildings are set back on bulwark, in long line along the river. There are ramps in circular volumes, so cars can drive through buildings. Very attractive promenade is on the top roof terraces.
All following projects have helped for the Sava river to be framed:
- Superstudio: Monumento continuo, 1969.
- "Kraft durch Freude", Prora, 1936-39.
- Hans Poelzig: IG Farben Building, 1928-1930.
- Le Corbusier: Plan Algerie, 1931.
- Fabijan Kaliterna: Zapadna obala, Split, 1940.
- Canal Grande (length: 3.800m, width: 30-90m) Venice, 13.-18. century.