Af 90

It was an event project, celebration of the Architectural Faculty 90 years anniversary, with many happenings in preparation, day of feast and big student party following day, November 2009.
- in media, 90 years faculty production was presented (daily, paper-full page, every Saturday, 8 times)
- 90 notable buildings in city centre designed by our old professors were marked with big banner (in photo detail: banner on the window on the building designed by Frano Cota)
- after choice through internal students competition, wining student group built a small info-pavilion in the centre, on the Preradović Square (floral square) to promote our celebration, role and information about architecture
- a big exhibition of students work was set up throughout all faculty drawing rooms
- solemn academy for employed, colleague architects and guests (minister, rector, prorectors, previous deans),
- short violin concert by Tara Horvat
- an anniversary cake designed by prof.Renata Waldgoni
- several rock pieces by students and prof. Velimir Neidhardt playing drums
- drinks, foods, music, dance
- big student midnight party in the faculty hall attended by architectural students and friends. 1500 in total.
Student Organization and students activists (Lucano Dešković, Ivan Škugor, ..Malena.. exhibition girl) were crucial for realization and success of all enterprise.
Very important role was of student Nikola Šimunić, in realization of all program (promotion, preparation, negotiation, ideas, coordination, assistance in making presentation, and - formed and played in rock band).