the end

Worker, union member, syndicate activist in strikes, communist, WW2 antifascist and partisan, fighter for social justice, connected with cement factory, from apprentice in cooperage for cement packing, in cement rotary kiln, in devil division in marl excavation mine, in pump maintenance in mine shaft, finishing as foreman, read many books (both political and more fictional), was gifted for drawing, liked movies. He liked building and construction, constantly worked on his inherited family house, enlarging and putting new additions, enjoyed to work with new material of his factory, respected stones, but preferred more stronger material - reinforced concrete.
For design of his tomb, I had all that in mind. I felt the stone wall behind as a symbol of past times (old society) was to be broken with concrete star volume eruption (struggle for the new society, for better life). On flat top surface, there is only small vase for the bunch of (should be) red carnations.