at school

On the preliminary exam that year, among about four hundred candidates, 80 were enrolled. I was the seventh in rank on the list. First two years were based on elements and vocabulary of architecture study. Drawing with parallel ruler, triangles, putting in ink and free hand drawing - both should have been in scale. Topics and sensibility of school was from history to the Bauhaus future - that was my choice for shaded perspective upon photography. Also, I chose the Lovell Health House as my favorite to be drawn in linear perspective. I drew objects around me, my mother sewing machine, church bells, elegant boats.
With project of family house and guide of assistant A.Dragomanović, I learnt about Misian flowing space and floating form. Dragomanović learnt me how to be inspired with Aldo van Eyck for my kindergarten project - theft or allowance. Next projects, Sport Hall and Hotel on Adriatic were under prof.B.Rašica & assistant Marsić, and multidwelling building was under prof.Galić & assistant Hasanagić. In the year 1970, as the best student on the Architectural faculty, rector Ivan Supek gave me the Rector Award.
Prof.Šegvić was my mentor on diploma project, civic and shoping center for small community Tuheljske Toplice, close to Zagreb. Kenzo Tange (suspended roof) and Alvar Aalto (soft shaping in natural setting) were some of inspirations.