Adriatic 3 - GALEB

On the Hotel Adriatic complex, there is an old, completely ruined small hotel "Galeb" that was supposed to be taken off - there were all permissions and legal papers (of conservators, of town authority) for elimination of structure and clearance of terrain for new A-3 enterprise. But, when investor after couple years of delay wanted to take ruined old hotel off, conservators changed their previous permission, and Galeb was to be saved, reconstructed and included in A-3 complex. So, development of first A-3 project had stopped, and new project is ordered. Owner of Hotel Adriatic invited one more architect to offer solution. My new project followed first one, with increasing the number of garage parking lots. Old Galeb is reconstructed for luxury hotel rooms. But, now, investors favored another architect's solution - so far nothing has happened on location.