"Croatia" complex

On the site of still active battery factory "Croatia" and neighbouring substandard residential area, urban and architectural task was to find out about new building possibilities.
Two underground levels are completely used for car-parking, installation and services (collecting of garbage). Ground level has open square and covered passages, shops and public spaces as well as entrances to the residential buildings.
Northern part of complex (toward railway) was for offices, around square there were mercantile contents, small hotel and recreation with small inside swimming pool. Southern parts (toward parks) were for dwelling. On the northeast building roof it was to be an open cinema. On the highest spot, northwest corner, there is "sign and name".
Urban solution conceived southern park with buildings all around. Easy northern connection to the city demanded change of the railway earth base with transparent elevated bridgelike line. The rest of available plots in the same street should have been solved in similar way.
colaborators: AnaMarija Unković and Dina Vulin made rendering of my perspective drawings.